Swap and Shoot

Swap and Shoot

When: It will take place on Sunday, September 10th 2017

  • Registration opens 8:30 am.
  • Competition starts at 10:00 AM

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An Interview with…an International Competitor

Q: What is your full name and were you named after anyone?
A: Andrew Fagan

Q: Where were you born and raised?
A: Ajax, Ontario

Q: What do you do for a living? (Or, if you’re retired, what did you do?)
A: I’m currently a 4th year chiropractic student doing a clinical internship

Q: And if you could do any other job, what would that be?
A: Can’t think of anything better than what I’m doing now!

Q: What kind of music do you like and who are your favourite singers/bands?
A: A little of everything.  Right now I’ve been listening to Mumford and Sons, Tragically Hip and the Black Keys

Q: What are your 3 favourite movies?
A: Old School, The Hangover, Slap Shot

Q: If you could meet anyone (real or fictitious/dead or alive), who would you choose and why?
A: Vince Lombardi - easily one of the most influential figures in sport history.  If you live by his quotes you will be the best at everything you do.  

Q: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
A: To the Pro-Café with the Tuesday night league guys

Q: If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you want with you?
A: A satellite cell phone so I could call for someone to pick my ass up.  Then food and drink while waiting for a lift!

Q: Do you have a tattoo and where is it? And if not, would you like a tattoo - and what would it be?
A: I do not have a tattoo.  I did consider getting one of the Commonwealth Games symbol from the New Dehli 2010 games I took part in.  But that never materialized.  Maybe next time

Q: When and how did you become involved with archery?
A: At the age of 6.  My father pulled out some out fibre glass bows at my grandmother’s house.  We started flinging arrows at a homemade target and enjoyed it.  From there, we joined the local archery club and things started rolling

Q: What bows do you have - and which one is your favourite?
A: My bow of choice is the Hoyt Vantage Elite.  I have various other Hoyt models, but the VE is by far the most forgiving, easy to tune and accurate bow I have ever shot.  The quality of my bows is second to none.  

Q: What is your preferred style of shooting?
A: Compound.  It is the most accurate style.  At the high end level of compound archery, It’s not about how many times you hit the centre - it’s about how many times you miss!

Q: Do you hunt? If yes, what do you hunt?
A: I did some hunting back in high school (10 years ago).  Shooting my first deer on Manitoulin Island, my father was standing right beside me with the range finder.  The deer walked out….he clicked the range finder….30 yards…..5 seconds later I shot an arrow through the 12 ring.  It was late in the afternoon when the deer was shot.  We could not find it that evening as the darkness crept up quickly.  I may have slept 30 minutes that night before we headed out into the bush first thing in the morning.  After 20 minutes of looking, we found it right beside a stream.  

Q: What do you enjoy the most about being a member at York County Bowmen?
A: The unique diversity our club offers.  We have plenty of opportunity at our club for archers to excel - be it target, Field, indoors, 3D, or hunting.  We have great facilities for all.  

Q: If you could change one thing about York County Bowmen, what would it be?
A:  The image York County has in the archery community at large.  There are many archers that are hesitant to attend our club for various tournaments/events because of experiences they have had in the past, whether it be at the club or with a club member at some point over the years.  I try to educate people in the archery community constantly about how far our club has come in the past 10 years, with amazing facilities to support all archers regardless of what archery venue they participate in.

I also tell people about the great school programs we have for people interested in the sport - be it young, middle-aged or old.  I talk about the kids’ classes and camps put on throughout the year, and the fact that they bring in new kids who are excited about the sport.  

Our various experienced club members who have been doing the sport for 15+ years (some 30+), and also how much depth and expertise we have with current top ranking archers within Canada, and Internationally at large.

It’s been a hot topic around the club lately, with where York County stands in the archery community and where we go from here.  Now that we’ve established ourselves internally with our facilities and programs, York needs to continue growing in order to be a leader in the archery community once again.  There are various ways we can do this….hopefully we make the right decisions in the years to come.  

Post Interview Note: Andrew was just on the team who won the silver medal in the men’s compound bow team event at the World Cup of Archery event in Ogden, Utah. For more information check out Silver for Canada at 3rd 2012 World Cup of Archery or spend a few minutes to look at the Gold Medal Round between USA and Canada on You Tube.