Swap and Shoot

Swap and Shoot

When: It will take place on Sunday, September 10th 2017

  • Registration opens 8:30 am.
  • Competition starts at 10:00 AM

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YCB Indoor League 2014

Close your eyes. Imagine you are holding steady on the target 20 yards away. Then, smoothly ….you release the arrow. The arrow flashes downrange and hits the bulls eye perfectly at the center X.

Yes, this isn’t a dream. It could be happening to you. The first step is for you to sign up and enter the Winter Indoor League at York County Bowmen. It’s free. It is good exercise. It is also part of privileges of being a York County member.

The League begins Tuesday January 7, 2014. The Winter Indoor League lasts for 10 weeks. Scores from your best 8 of 10 weeks are counted. You can shoot once per week on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night. Scoring starts at 7PM. Most people arrive 30 minutes before the event starts to warm up their muscles and adjust their bows. In the past, compound bow shooters often chose Tuesday nights, recurve shooters chose Wednesday night and both groups joined together on Thursday nights. There was even a group that met 10 am in the morning, once per week to avoid the night driving.

There are some basic prerequisites to be aware of. You need to supply your own bow and have at least a ½ dozen arrows with target or field tips. You must have the strength to shoot at 60 to 70 arrows over about a 1 hour period. That’s all. There is no age limit or special equipment to buy. Last year, there were over 50 participants in the Winter Indoor League

Don’t delay. Add your name to the signup sheet posted in the clubhouse.

Have fun, participate and meet other fellow YCB members!