Swap and Shoot

Swap and Shoot

When: It will take place on Sunday, September 10th 2017

  • Registration opens 8:30 am.
  • Competition starts at 10:00 AM

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2014 Ontario High School Archery Invitational Tournament

Some of our club’s youth members recently participated in the 2014 Ontario High School
Archery Invitational Tournament. This is an annual event very professionally organized by
James Dowhaniuk of the Peel school board held in Richmond Hill. As many as 500 high school
students from all over Ontario participated in this two day event to represent their various
schools. Multiple archery disciplines, recurve, compound, etc. separates the students into
different categories. While some schools have active archery programs other schools may be
represented by individual students.

YCB had nine youth members participating representing eight different schools. All showed
their strength by performing their best with some outstanding performances. Artin Sarkezians
and Tyler Martin were leading the boy’s compound class in first and second positions at half
time. Then ended up in third and six’s position respectively overall. Josh Almond was only one
point behind Tyler in sevens place. Most top scores were only one point apart. As a fact, the two
top scores were a tie and had to be decided by an X count. Roman Peraita and Nicolaus Wong,
their first time at a large tournament, ended up in the middle of the field of over 60 archers in
that category.

In the girls division Emilia Comsa placed in 20th position, a good score for her
first large event. Kaity Horlock, the winner of last year’s event with the highest score overall,
excelled with producing a perfect score of 300 with 20 Xs in the first half but dropped three
points in the afternoon for a total score of 597. Since the highest score ever in the girls
compound class in this event was 590 Kaity created a new record that will be hard to break for
many years.

Vincent Siew and Connor Lees competed in the Recurve class. Connor was at a
disadvantage, competing with a traditional bow against mostly very fancy Olympic gear. He still
ended up in a respectable position and had a lot of fun while gaining valuable experience. Vince,
being coached proficiently by Pascale Payne, shot very well to end up in 11th place in a field of
112. Vince lost a few points by arrows deflecting off a competing archer’s. In this category
three archers use the same 60 centimeter target. Vince’s dilemma was that the top archer in this
category shot before him at the same target and did not leave much room in the ten ring to
squeeze some arrows into it.

Attending coaches for this event were Robin Horlock, Rick Daigle
on Wednesday, Thursday was covered by Pascale Payne and Vince Ientile. I assisted on both
days and performed the necessary paperwork.

Harry Godau