Swap and Shoot

Swap and Shoot

When: It will take place on Sunday, September 10th 2017

  • Registration opens 8:30 am.
  • Competition starts at 10:00 AM

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K50 Class

K50 Male/Female
Known Distance | 50 yard Maximum | Rangefinder Class

As approved at the OAA 2012 AGM, the new K50 Male/Female class will now be a part of our OAA 3D Triple Crown starting in 2013!!

NOTE: Archers wishing to participate in the Grand Championships must shoot in the unknown class; K50 is NOT part of the Grand Championships.

•    Two classes: i) Female K50, ii) Male K50
•    Rangefinders welcome
•    Archers will shoot from the Orange stake (50 yard maximum)

•    Any type of bow, sight, release aid recognized by the OAA

•    Class is open to archers of all ages

•    As with a Unknown Distance archer(s)/group, there will be no discussion of yardage by a Known Distance archer(s)/group at the shooting stake, or at any time until after the arrows have been recorded/scored at the target

•    Archers competing in a Known Distance category may shoot in a group with archers from an Unknown Distance category, as the same etiquette rules apply: ‘NO YARDAGE DISCUSSION until after the arrows have been recorded/scored at the target.’  

This class is great for all archers...but may be especially appealing to:

•    New/Beginner archers who are looking to participate in the OAA 3D Championship and OAA 3DTriple Crown.  This will allow for new archers to have more assurance of hitting the target during the tournament.  This avoids beginner archers from losing/damaging their arrows by missing targets due to a lack of experience or confidence in distance estimation
•    Hunters who are looking to master their equipment before the fall hunt.  The vast majority of hunting archers use a rangefinder in the field.  By participating in the Known Distance class this will allow the hunter to ‘dial in’ their equipment to their own rangefinder while practicing proper shot placement on 3D animals  
•    Target/Field archers who have less of an interest in yardage estimation, as it is not required in their disciplines of archery, but want to participate and support the growing sport of archery in Ontario

Marked distances will NOT be supplied to archers in paper form, and Rangefinders shall be used by archers for various reasons:

•    Decrease the preparation/labour of hosting clubs.  There will not need to be any additional setup with the entrance of the K50 class into the OAA Triple Crown
•    Avoid cheating as a ‘yardage sheet’ may get into the hands of an Unknown Distance archer
•    Avoid possible mistakes by the host club on a provided ‘yardage sheet’ (i.e. yardage sheet states 35 yards, rangefinder states 39 yards).  Archers are for the most part set up for their own rangefinders.  As there is some variation between rangefinders, it is best for archers to use their own rangefinders to assist them in the K50 class
•    If an archer does not own a rangefinder they shall shoot in a group with an archer who is also competing in the K50 class with a rangefinder.  These archers may share the use of the physical rangefinder at the stake.  However the etiquette rules still apply as there will be NO YARDAGE DISCUSSION at the shooting stake

These changes will need to be made to the OAA Rules and Regulations:

•    pg 156...11.6: Shooting Stakes.  Known Distance will need to be added under the 'Orange stake/50y max' portion of the table
•    pg158...11.9: Camera's and Rangefinders.  It will need to read 'Rangefinder's are permitted to those participating in the Known Distance divisions'.  Unknown division will not be permitted the use of a rangefinder
•    The K50 Male/Female class will need to be added to the 3D section using the specifications, equipment, age classifications and etiquette listed above

Prepared by: OAA K50 Committee: Andrew Fagan (Chair), Sean McKenty, Larry Heaslip | November 28, 2012