Did you know?

Did you know that the clubs electricity bill totalled $8400 last year?
That's an average of $700/month
#1 power cost was for lights on indoor shooting range
Easiest way to save money is to shutoff lights if they aren't needed!

Trad Archery Swap & Shoot

Traditional Archery Swap & Shoot

York County Bowmen – Sunday, September 15, 2013

Our annual Swap and Shoot is scheduled for Sunday, September 15th, starting at 8:30am . The shoot consists of a variety of 3-D courses with a special flair for all friends of Traditional archery.  Other than traditional shooters are welcome but will not be scored.  A BBQ lunch will be served and some special door prizes will be passed out.


You can register any time after 8:30 am.

The event fees are:
   $20.00 13 of age years & up ($15.00 for members)
   $15.00 10 – 12 of age years
   Free for 10 & under
   $5.00 for lunch ticket


String Loop
Where as you approach the target, you will find a clearly visible string, perhaps 20-30 feet long. You can shoot from anywhere along the string - but once you move forward, you cannot move back again. Scoring is +10 vital, + 8 vital, + 5 bodies. (+12 & +10 rings both count as +10). If you miss your chance to shoot along the string, score 0.
Stake Loop
Where there are three shooting stakes, the furthest worth the most (+10), the middle stake is worth (+8), the closest worth the least (+5).  You choose the stake you want to shoot from, however. if you miss the vitals and hit the body Instead, the score is minus whatever the value of the stake you shot from, It you miss the target you get zero.
Hunting Loop
Shoot from designated stake, where a hit in the vitals is worth +10, a hit in the rest of the body is worth -5 and a miss is worth -3
3D Loop
Shoot from designated stake. Scoring Is +12 for super heart, +10 for heart, +8 for lungs. +5 for body, 0 for a miss.

Swap Meet
The swap portion is for all who have spare archery equipment of any kind to sell or swap for something else. Tables will be available for you to display your items for sale or trade.

This adventure goes rain or shine!