Did you know?

Did you know that the clubs electricity bill totalled $8400 last year?
That's an average of $700/month
#1 power cost was for lights on indoor shooting range
Easiest way to save money is to shutoff lights if they aren't needed!

New OAA 3D Championship Class

This all started from a motion I presented at the OAA Annual General Meeting this fall in Kitchener.  Known yardage shoots have become increasingly popular throughout Ontario over the past 5 years. This is the final document from the 'Known 50' committee and I worked out for this new OAA 3D Championship class.  This information will be in the 2013 OAA book and likely up on the OAA website soon.  Here is a chance for the YCB membership to have a look at it early on.

Why a new class for 3D Archery?

First....Many of the archers that take part in these shoots are beginner archers.  As we know shooting unknown distances can result in missing targets and possibly damaging equipment (arrows)....this can at times be independent of 'making a good shot' the distance judging is a heavy factor.  A great majority of the time 'new archers' are not overly confident in judging distances.  By adding this known distance class it gives the opportunity to create a less intimidating category/environment where a new archer can attend and participate in the event...and walk away with more confidence...and their equipment intact.  
Second....Many other archers that participate in known yardage tournaments are target and field archers shooting arrows such as X10's, protourX10's and Nano’s.  As these arrows run the cost of $30.00-55.00 per arrow...these archers are not keen on being at the mercy of distance judging, as this is not involved in their 'style' of archery.  

Third....the purpose of 3D archery is to provide a hunting simulation for bow hunters to practice what they will encounter in the fall.  Since 99% of modern day bow-hunters now hunt with rangefinders it makes sense to provide this class so these archers can truly master all parts of their hunting equipment before the fall.

It is important to make note of the etiquette that is expected of both archers competing in known and unknown distances categories.

Basically....this class can only bring more archers to the OAA 3DTriple Crown.  If our goal is to grow the sport...why not provide another opportunity for additional archers to take part in the tournament.  It is important to note that this class is not being put in place to 'threaten' or 'trump' unknown distance classes.   In the end....the goal is to get an additional 15 or so archers out to the OAA 3D tournaments. Increase the numbers, grow the sport, everyone wins!

Click K50 Male/Female Class to review the details.

Andrew Fagan