3D Shooters

3D Shooters

Sun. April 16-2017, Cabin Fever 3D Tournament
Registration opens 8:30am, Shotgun start at 10:00 am.
Cost 20$/person, You do not need to be a member to attend.



Sucess at the Ontario High School Archery Invitational Tournament 2013

On May 15, four youth archers from York County Bowmen participated in the 2013 Ontario High School Archery Invitational Tournament.  It is the largest archery tournament in the province, drawing over 400 archers from across Ontario.  This year's competitors included current and past winners of the Ontario and Canadian Championships, and the Ontario Summer Games.

Quinn Bell and Luke Voth competed in the Boy's Compound Unlimited, and Sasha Hall and Kaity Horlock competed in the Girl's Compound Unlimited.  Competition was fierce but fun.  York proudly scooped the Gold medal, won by Kaity Horlock with a daily score of 579.  All four archers honed their skills through the CanBow Program at YCB.