3D Shooters

3D Shooters

Sun. April 16-2017, Cabin Fever 3D Tournament
Registration opens 8:30am, Shotgun start at 10:00 am.
Cost 20$/person, You do not need to be a member to attend.



3D Outdoor League - “Practice Makes Perfect”

Join the 3D Outdoor League at York County Bowmen this Spring! It’s free to all YCB members.


You will be able to shoot at a 20 animal course each week for 10 weeks, starting May 5th. Targets range in size from turkeys to moose. Your best 7 overall scores will be counted. 


There are three changes this year:


  • First, the center 3D circle will be counted as 11 points (not 12 points).


  • Second, there will two flagged 3D courses instead of only one. Make sure you check the scoresheet in the clubhouse to determine which 3D course is active for scoring.


  • Third, Saturday afternoon is the start of scoring each week. You do not need to wait until Sunday..


PS. OAA has created new 3D equipment divisions- see linked file for details


Tom M.