Did you know?

Did you know that the clubs electricity bill totalled $8400 last year?
That's an average of $700/month
#1 power cost was for lights on indoor shooting range
Easiest way to save money is to shutoff lights if they aren't needed!

Cabin Fever 3D Fun Shoot and Slow Cooker Cook-off March 29, 2014

YCB’s outdoor season was “kicked-off” in fine fashion with the 1st Annual Cabin Fever 3D Fun Shoot.  This shoot is being introduced into our schedule, in part, to resurrect and replace the Frozen Fingers & Toes tournament of days gone by; also for those “chomping at the bit” to get outdoors and away from fixed paper targets a chance to return to the wilds (sort of).  The 3D shoot was paired with a Slow Cooker competition designed to warm the soul as well as the body.

Despite the winter of 2013/14 which never seemed to want to end competitors were graced with moderate temperatures, in the 0 to +5,  which made the woods and more importantly the 2 feet of snow remaining on the ground walkable.  25 shooters participated in the event with 15 coming from outside the club.

All commented on the event being a great romp in the woods.  Everyone please make plans to join in the fun next year! Unfortunately, no photos of the hardy souls in the woods were captured and  the results for the Bow Hunter, Compound Open, Traditional, Masters and Junior categories have been misplaced …. apologies to those who like to see their names in the press but hey …. this was a fun shoot.   

The Slow-Cooker Competition was a great success and I have the photos & results to prove it! Thanks to the 10 masterful chefs everyone enjoyed the judging and of course the satisfying lunch that followed. Culinary delights covered everything form Chili, baked beans, ribs, curry and even an apple dessert Brown Betty (specifically excluded from the competition by the chef or I’m sure it would have won ;-)  And the winners were … 1st  Rob & Shannon Wheeler (although Rob says it’s his secret recipe alone) for Baked Beans, 2nd Pascale Payne for Pulled Pork, and 3rd Doug Fudge for his finger lick’n Ribs; honourable mention goes Josh Almond for his delicious Curry dish.  Just for the record, there was nothing left of any of the dishes after lunch was finished!

Next year we hope to have 1) an earlier spring 2) more shooters which will mean we will also need 3) more slow cooker entrees. Start planning now!

Thanks to all those that tromped through the woods helping to set up the course, Aviva Cohen for helping with registration and everyone who helped with the kitchen prep clean-up etc.  Club events like this can’t happen without your generous  gift of time and effort.