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Archery School Registration

Now Open for Spring Session 2017

April 22nd to June 3rd

 ( Class Full.  Accepting Registration for Wait List )

Club Members Rank Nationally

I thought this news item should be of interest to the membership, it shows the competence of some of our members in the archery world.  The national ranking for FITA and Target was recently published and names of some of our members appeared on that list. On top of the list as number one in Canada is no other than Dr. Andrew Fagan.  Mrs. Pascale Payne is in a very respectable 5th position closely followed by Mr. Alex Mozhar in 6th position.  Others are ranked a bit further back with a recent addition to our membership Zibby Scibor in 11th, place.  Ann Kwok is in 16th, Daniel Ng in 17th, Ning Dong in 19th, Morgan McLean in 26th and Kevin Head in 64th position.  Congratulations to all for their achievements and representing our club.