3D Shooters

3D Shooters

Sun. April 16-2017, Cabin Fever 3D Tournament
Registration opens 8:30am, Shotgun start at 10:00 am.
Cost 20$/person, You do not need to be a member to attend.



Waiting for the Big Buck

I have 2 tree stands and one ground blind setup near an apple orchard.  So far, I haven’t arrowed the Big Buck, though I caught a grainy, black & white image of him on my game trail camera. ( see below) 
This weekend, I even passed up the opportunity to arrow a yearling at very close range!  It was attracted by the food cache of apple twigs I had piled up. I was attempting to better camouflage my ground position. My work paid off as it had the effect of attracting a young deer even closer to browse on the freshly cut branches!
On November 3,  at 5:30 pm, a deer walked to within 1 yard of the open ground blind window.
The young deer spent 3-4 minutes browsing on twigs within 1 yard of my ground blind. 
I didn’t shoot. I want to wait for an opportunity to arrow the BIG BUCK.

Tom Masak