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Christmas Pot Luck Dinner & Wild Game Cuisine Competition




Sunday, December 8th,  members enjoyed an afternoon of games and exceptional culinary delights at the seasonal Pot Luck Dinner and first annual Wild Game Cuisine Competition.


The event kicked off with some fun archery skills competition for young and old.  Popping Rudolph’s nose and Checkerboard high score were a hit with the under 15 crowd. Adults tried hard  to avoid popping the balloon and get the high score in 3 arrow Card stud.


As with any Christmas celebration Santa dropped by to say hello to the kids and brought along some early Christmas presents from his workshops at the North Poles. He was also a hit with some bigger kids and the 4 legged variety as well.


The 50/50 Draw raised $72.50  will be donated to Plan Canada (the charity drawn from all those submitted by attendees) and Dillon Pulle took home the other half. Congratulations! 


Also, thanks to the generosity of our members the non-perishable food  collected will be provided to the Newmarket Food Pantry and the unwrapped gifts will go to support the York Regional Police Holiday Heroes Toy Drive.


The culinary highlight of the event was the Club’s First Annual Wild Game Cuisine Competition (yes it will be back next year, and I suspect bigger and more competitive than ever). This year’s competition featured 7 dishes prepared by Club members Karen Tobin, Slava Panko, Li-Wei Ho, and Tom Masak.  Our chef’s spared no expense in vying for the coveted first place with custom made signage and complimentary wine to enhance the tasting experience, and possibly to encourage (bribe) the many tasters to caste their voting chips in their favour. 


The winning dishes were decided by all those who attended and sampled the excellent fare. Each person sampling was provided 5 voting chips that they could allocate as they deemed appropriate, and the winners were ….


1st  – Venison Lasagna, prepared by Slava Panko


2nd  – Moose Pie, prepared by Li-Wei Ho


3rd – Venison Steak, prepared by Tom Masak


1st Runner Up – Burgundy Buck on Bread Pudding, prepared by Karen Tobin


Dishes also prepared for everyone’s tasting delight were. …. Goose Sausage, Wild Rabbit stew and Venison Pepperettes


Congratulations to all who prepared and presented dishes YOU ARE ALL WINNERS !!! and we wish you, and all other competitors, good luck as you spend the year fine tuning and perfecting your Wild Game Cuisine Dishes for next years competition.


The event concluded with a diverse and tasty sampling from the kitchens of our many participating  members. I think everyone left satisfied and with a full stomach. If we ever close the Archery Club we can open a restaurant ….  or not !


Thanks to all those in attendance for your participation and contributions!  May you and all those near and dear to your hearts have a wonderful Holiday Season!  


Special Thanks to the Organizing Committee … Karen Tobin, Tom Masak, Don Overington, Doug Lane, Annette Koczian, Bryan-Joseph San Luis, Shawn Rees, Nelson Yan, Devin O’Kelly, Kelly Brown and Rick Brown.