Archery School Spring 2018 April 21 to June 2

The cost (including loan of equipment) is $150.00 per individual ($100.00 for each additional person from the same family attending the same session).

As of March 1, 2018 all school fee's are subject to 13% HST.

Fees and applications must be received before the starting date of the course. (Click Here for registration form)


We offer a 6-week Introduction to Archery course on Saturday mornings, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.


This course is designed for the individual who has never had the opportunity to use a bow and launch an arrow at a target. It begins with the very basics and works through good shooting style and safety issues. The lessons start in the classroom with some theory, then the students move onto the practice range for some hands-on shooting. During this time, the coaches will watch students, and offer help and suggestions tailored to the individual.

Upon completion, the student should be proficient enough to score well on a 20-yard target, and also be an aware and safe archer.


If graduate students decide to become a member at York County Bowmen, they will be given a 50% reduction on our probationary fee. Also (upon the Coaching Director’s recommendation), a new membership probationary period may be deemed as 50% complete..
YCB Volunteer Coaches