Club History

YCB History – The 50’s to the 70’s

In the beginning pre-1955, there was the Toronto Anglers and Hunters Association (TAHA). It is from this organization of 350 Members that York County Bowmen evolved.

In 1956, YCB applied for an Incorporation status and received their Charter on October 1 st for the price of $20. Our corporation number is 84925. Directors at the time were William Joyce, Harry Markham, Aileen (Ella) Inches, Dan Siminiuk and Jack Hope, all Charter Members. Harry Markham was elected the first President of the Club.

Initially there was a little 20 foot by 20 foot shack on the property with no electricity, no water and no toilet. In 1959 the first addition to the clubhouse was built. During the initial construction the toilets were put in first then the shooting lanes.

Indoor and outdoor target shooting at 20 yards as well as Field archery were the major types of shooting of the day. The second and probably most significant event of our history is the hosting of the Canadian Nationals in 1967, Canada’s Centennial year. This was a huge undertaking for the Club. Twelve flagpoles with each of the Province’s and Territorial flags had to be put up.

During the late 50’s and 60’s we developed a lot of good archers and we did manage to have a few champions.  During the 60’s the Club Members also had fun together as all sorts of events occurred besides the normal Shoots. They even had a wedding and reception at the clubhouse on a Halloween night. Bob Lingard, a Member of the Club, and his bride held their reception at the Club. Little did they know that there was also a Halloween party going on at the same time. Thus the attire for the night went from tuxedos and wedding dress to clown and witch costumes.

The 80’s to today!

The 80’s and 90’s produced a number of highlights for York County Bowmen.  A new Shoot called the Canadian 3D Classic. Paul (Hollywood) Viacunas was the prime leader of this Shoot. It became part of the Triple Crown (Ontario Championship). This was an event that was begun by the Ontario Association of Archers. The Club is still a Member of this Association.

Our new clubhouse gets built

A new Shoot that was started in 1995 was for traditional shooters only. Bill Frey was instrumental in getting this event started. It was called the Swap & Shoot. The idea for this Shoot was to have fun and bring any items you wanted to swap, trade or sell.

Archery champions

In terms of communication we finally got a phone put into the Club in 1997 and we were on the internet. We had a newsletter going out at least 3 times a year thanks to the efforts of Katie Gajdacs. The Newsletter was entitled ‘On Target’. It is still being published and is enjoyed by all. Its publication has been taken over by Barbara Parry.

Camp Sherwood, fun for all archers

We also did a lot of community public relations work in the 1990’s and 2000’s. Big Brothers were given weekend Memberships, Scouts and Guides were often seen visiting on the weekend.  In the 2000’s, we had two Triple Crown winners in 2003, Derek Ashby and Vince Ientile for the Junior and Limited Hunter classes respectively. In 2006, we had two more Triple Crown winners, both in the Cub class, Gianluca Capuano (Barebow) and Thomas MacNeil (Freestyle). Also, in 2006, at the Ontario 3D Championship (First Leg) we had two winners, Andrew Fagan (Freestyle) and Kinsey Murdoch (Cub).

Archers in the club house

The Club held a 50th anniversary party on June 10, 2007. Members were treated to a free BBQ and Fun Shoot. There was also an unveiling of the Past Presidents and Charter Members plaques. President Robert Sheridan presided over the events. A number of the Charter Members and Past Presidents were in attendance and honored for their contributions to the Club over the years.

Join us for the next 50 years!