The Memorial Tree

Deep in the middle of our forest at the southern edge of our property a majestic maple tree grows. Older than the club itself, it stands at the junction of three of our archery trails. Whether it is a sugar maple, a black maple or a red maple does not matter, what matters is that it is the dominant tree in the area and was chosen to be a memorial tree or as we call it today ‘The Memory Tree’.



The Memory Tree came into existence when one of the past presidents ‘Sue Miller’ and one of our longer term, hardworking, members Larry Aucoin passed away. Sue sat on the board of directors of the club for a number of years in the late eighties and served as president in 1990-91 and died shortly after her term after battling with cancer. Larry Aucoin represented YCB on the OAA board of directors. He also passed away in the same year as Sue (1993). Sandy Button and Gary Hunt, members at the same time as Sue and Larry, discussed the idea of remembering our people at an informal meeting with the then board of directors headed up by Jamie Anderson, president in 2000.

The discussion took place at one of the many bonfires we use to have in the evenings. The consensus was that the York County Bowmen Club should create a suitable memorial to members who made a significant contribution to the club..

Sandy took the initiative and on one of his many forays through our forest found the memorial tree. He along with Gary Hunt made up the first two plaques to go on the tree with the names of Sue and Larry. Another plaque was also made and placed on the tree with the inscription: The ‘Memory Tree’ Dedicated to the memory of those YCB Members/Friends who once walked these trails.

Here are the names of those members who now reside in the branches of this majestic tree.  They are in order by Decades and a bit about what we know of each:

Members from Our Beginning (50s-60s):

  • Gerry Reimer - Charter Member
  • Lou Tramontin – Charter Member
  • Mel Tumino - Charter Member & Tournament Sponsor
  • Jim Ross - Past President
  • Ken Brown – Club Photographer
  • Harry Tutton – Club Director

From the 70s & 80s:

  • Susan Miller – Past President
  • Larry Aucoin - OAA Director
  • Jack Chapman – Director

From the 90s & 2000s:

  • Tom Todd – Past President
  • Bruno Greco – Member
  • Carson Olmstead - Member
  • John O’Connor - Member
  • Wally Heathfield – Club Sponsor
  • Mark Van Sickle – Member