Field Archery at YCB

Our Field archery course involves shooting at targets of varying marked distances throughout the clubs woodlands property.  Distances used on the rounds vary from 20ft to 80 yards. Our Field course makes use of York counties ‘hilly’ up and down terrain to create interesting shots where the archer needs to adjust body posture to complete the shot, as well as ‘cut’ yardage to account for the various angles. 

Traditionally field archery was developed to allow bowhunters to master their equipment before the hunting season.  Courses set at even and uneven distances not only allows the bowhunter to set up their ‘even’ numbered pins correctly (20y, 30y, 40y, 50y etc), but also provides an opportunity for the bowhunter to understand how to ‘gap’ a pin sight accurately at ‘uneven’ distances (i.e. 21y, 32y, 48y, 53y). Competent field archers tend to be very successful hunters. 

Our Field course at York County Bowmen is an ‘IFAA’ (International Field Archery Association) sanctioned course.  We have set up to provide both a ‘Field’ round and a ‘Hunter’ round.  Both courses consist of 14 target courses, measured in ‘yards’.  Each target station on the course has the archer fire 4 arrows into the target butt holding a ‘Field’ or ‘Hunter’ target face.        


Field rounds are at 'even' distances between 20ft and 80 yards.  The targets have a black centre (5 points), with a white mid-ring (4 points) and a black outer ring (3 points).  The course consists of 4 ‘walk-ups’, 1 ‘fan’, and 9 ‘standard’ shots.


Hunter rounds use 'uneven' distances between 11 yards to 70 yards.  The targets have a white centre (5 points), with a mid black ring (4 points) and a black outer ring (3 points).  The course consists of 7 ‘walk-ups’, 3 ‘fans’, and 4 ‘standard’ shots. 


York County Bowmen has hosted the Ontario Archers Association (OAA) Provincial Field Championships many times in the clubs history (most recently in 2007 and 2012).  Our club and Field course is also involved in the 4x20 Field Challenge.  This is an annual series of 4 Field/Hunter shoots across Ontario throughout the outdoor season (May-August).  The series Champions are crowned at the last leg of the series.  


Photos from the OAA Ontario Field Championships 2012 hosted at York County Bowmen Club


Andrew Fagan