Field Tournament Rules


A field course consists of 14 target butts distributed at various distances from each other depending on the terrain available. The butts are numbered from 1 -14 and must be shot in consecutive order. The targets will be shot from metal stakes in the ground each indicating the distance to the target. All distances except on one butt are marked in yards. Four arrows are shot at each of the fourteen target butts. There are Field and Hunter events, the same butts are used but the events differ by the target colour and the distances. The targets score 5, 4 and 3 for a total of 20 possible points per target.


The number of archers per group may be between three and five, although four is the preferred number. Two archers may shoot at the same time.  In the event that one group is holding up the next group on the range, it is common to allow the faster group to shoot through.

Shooting Process

Each butt differentiates by distance and process of shooting. A sign explaining the shooting process is provided at the first shooting position at each butt. Field and Hunter instructions are provided; each is designated for different events. Cadet and Cub distances may differ on some targets. Butts will be equipped with various size and number of target faces depending on the distances from the shooting stakes. A butt indicating four distances, (80, 70, 60, 50 yards), is called a walk-up. One arrow will be shot from each distance starting at the furthest. Butts at closer distances will have two target faces, two of the four archers will shoot at the left target the other two will shoot at the right target. In the event of repeating the course, for a 28 target tournament, the shooting order shall be reversed. In general all arrows are shot before scoring and pulling arrows. At very close targets, 20 yards or less, it is acceptable to score and pull arrows after the first two archers have shot, to prevent arrow damage. Some of the butts are designated a Fan, this consist of four stakes at various points however all at the same distance to the target. There, every archer must shoot one arrow from each position. Two target faces are on the butt, the left target face is shot from the two left stakes and the right from the two right stakes. All four archers may shoot at the same time, one from each stake, in this case.

One of the 14 targets is called the Bunny; this butt consists of four faces, each with four individual targets. Each archer will shoot at their own four target face with one arrow in each target. The order of shooting, top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right must be maintained. Any out of order hits are counted as a miss. Each target is shot with one arrow from a different distance in the order indicated, (35, 30, 25, 20 feet). At the bunny butt only one archer shoots at a time.


Each archer has two score cards. Two of the group of archers are designated to mark the scores on separate cards while another calls out the scores. The arrows are not to be touched until all agree that the scores are correct. Each individual arrow is marked on the cards with the order of the higher score from left to right. An X is marked as an ‘X,’ but only counts five, a miss is marked with an ‘M’. A total per butt and overall total for all 14 butts is required to be filled in prior to turning the cards in. High scores are to be listed first. All score cards are to be signed by the archer and one other archer of the group.
















Sample Score Card