Rules & Regulations



    1) General Rules


    1. a) The last member to leave the clubhouse and property will ensure that the lights are off, and all windows, doors and the driveway gate are secured and locked.
    2. b) Articles of clothing and equipment are to be kept as tidy as possible and un-obstructive within the clubhouse. Use of coat racks and bow case shelves is strongly suggested.
    3. c) It shall be the responsibility of every member to keep the clubhouse and grounds in a clean and orderly state.
    4. d) A parent or custodian shall not leave a child of less than sixteen years of age unsupervised while on York County Bowmen property.
    5. e) There is no smoking allowed in any building and within 9 meters of any building door. Please place your butts in the containers supplied, not on the ground. When smoking on the trail, take the butts home with you. Special notices may be posted at times to disallow smoking on the trails, in case of dry conditions and the danger of fire.
    6. f) Pets brought on the property must be under control and supervised at all times. Appropriate restraints if necessary, i.e. leash, dog kennel, etc. required to minimize disruption to members and ensure the safety of the pet are the responsibility of the pet owner.
    7. g) It is the responsibility of the pet owner to clean up their pet’s excrement on the parking lot, practice range area and on forest trails.
    8. h) All full members shall be provided with a key fob (deposit required) and gate lock combination to the facilities.
    9. i) There is a 45 day notice required to book the clubhouse for individual use and requests are subject to board approval at their monthly meeting.


    2) Indoor Target Range Rules


    1. a) To prolong target medium life, avoid concentrated shooting in a single area. Target faces should be moved periodically.
    2. b) Archers will shoot from an agreed distance from the target. All archers must observe this distance and not shoot ahead or behind other archers. Spectators are only allowed behind the archers shooting and should not distract or bother those that are actively shooting.
    3. c) No one shall approach targets until all have finished shooting. Once shooting has stopped the command “CLEAR” will designate the signal that the targets may be approached.
    4. d) Members and guests shall abide by the rules and regulations posted for York County Bowmen.
    5. e) The shooting of field, chisel or bullet-head tips are the only type of arrow tips allowed to be shot at any target medium. No broadhead or hunting tips are allowed.
    6. f) Nocked arrows may only be drawn in the target range area and must be pointed toward the target (down range) until released or let down.
    7. g) All archers under the age of sixteen must be under the immediate supervision of an adult member or parent.
    8. h) Anyone using crossbows must supply a separate backstop which can be attached to the regular face of the butt. These are necessary to stop the bolts from penetrating through the regular butts.

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    3) Outdoor Range and Course Rules


    1. a) Any type of bow or arrow that could unreasonably damage YCB targets, faces or stands are not permitted.


    Specifically, the following are prohibited on any outdoor target/range:

    1) broad head (hunting) arrow tips *

    2) cross- bows *


    * exception to the use of broad heads or cross bow restriction is the SAND HILL on the south side of the practice area or by using a separate target (supplied by the member/guest) that may be deployed only in the practice area. Members and guests are allowed to shoot whatever archery product they like into the sand hill or private target, however, you are responsible to keep the area clear of debris and ensure the safety of yourself and others. Your target should be an acceptable medium for the archery product you are using and not interfere with other YCB target equipment.

    1. b) Junior members who have attained the Ontario Hunter’s Safety Training Certificate may be allowed to use broad heads on the SAND HILL
    2. c) Shooting on the trail, your shooting group shall not hold up other groups. A slower group should contact and allow a following group to “shoot through”.
    3. d) No archer shall shoot at a target unless they have a clear field of vision in the area of shooting.
    4. e) Before an archer goes behind a target, such as when looking for a lost arrows, the archer must place his/her bow directly in the target face, so that it is clearly visible to anyone approaching with intent on shooting the target that you are behind. Should a bow be found leaning against a target or anywhere close to it SHOOTING MUST BE HALTED until it is safe to do so. In the case of two or more archers one is to remain at the shooting position (where arrow flight line can be called out directing the searchers) or remain in front of the target.
    5. f) DO NOT walk the trails in the wrong direction. Approaching a target from the back may not allow someone shooting at it to notice you.
    6. g) For safety, the outdoor ranges, including the woods, will be closed 1 hour before sunset.
    7. h) YCB hosts various events & tournaments throughout the year. To ensure a safe environment any range, or part, may be closed prior to and during an event at the discretion of the event or tournament director.


    4) Kitchen Rules


    1. a) Children under the age of fourteen are not permitted in the kitchen area.
    2. b) Cooking facilities are reserved for members use only.
    3. c) Cooking privileges will not apply on such occasions as official shoots and social functions.
    4. d) The kitchen is run on an HONOUR system, where you are responsible for what you take and you are responsible for clean up.


    5) Overnight Stays


    1. a) It is the privilege of a full member to stay overnight within the clubhouse or camp in the designated area for camping.
    2. b) Parking motorized vehicles within the campsite is not permitted. All vehicles must remain in the designated parking area at the clubhouse.


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    6) Firearms

    1. a) ARCHERY is classified as a FIREARM SPORT and as such equipment should have the respect of its owner and others as such. Unsafe handling of your firearm (BOW and ARROWS) is just cause for your membership to be revoked without compensation.
    2. b) GUNS are not permitted in the clubhouse unless they are in proper storage for transportation. This means conforming with FEDERAL TRANSPORTATION LAWS.
    3. c) Nocked and spanned arrows are prohibited between shooting targets.


    7) Cutting Trees on York County Property

    1. a) Only directors or persons approved by the board are allowed to clear away or cut trees on York County Bowmen


    8) Membership


    1. a) New members:

    To start the process of membership a completed membership application form and digital head and shoulders photo must be submitted by email to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”. A signed waiver form must accompany this application form. New members must attend an orientation meeting prior to any archery activities at the club’s facility. After receipt of the application form and the E-Transfer of fees owing, the membership director will contact the applicant and arrange the orientation meeting and workshop if required. Applicants are requested to download and read the YCB club ‘Rules and Regulations’ prior to the orientation meeting. The rules and regulations will be discussed at the meeting.

    Applicants will be required to demonstrate proficiency in handling archery equipment at the beginning and end of their probationary period. Applicants new to archery will be required to complete training in the safe handling of archery equipment and shooting by participating in the YCB archery school, private lesson(s) or a safety workshop prior to any participation in club archery activities. The training will be arranged with the membership director. See the YCB website for detailed information regarding the YCB School or lessons.

    All applications for membership are subject to a ninety (90) day probationary period. During this time both parties, the applicant and the YCB board of directors, have the option to accept or reject the application. The probationary period does not apply to members who have had a previous membership at YCB.

    ID tags must be visibly worn by all members while on the club’s property. All members will be issued an annual ID tag which will include a photo. A digital head and shoulders passport style photo will be required for all members and must be provided to the membership director with the Membership Application

    New members joining partly into the year pay the pro-rated yearly fee for the months remaining in the calendar year. For example: A member joining in June pays 7/12 ths of the annual fee for the type of membership. Payment of the fee is required by E-Transfer before the orientation meeting. Cheques, money orders, credit cards or cash will not be accepted.

    No application for individual membership shall be considered from any person under the age of twelve years as of the date of application. Any student member under the age of 16 on December 31st of the year of the 16th birthday needs to have a parent or guardian present at the club’s facility at all times. All parents or guardians who may accompany this junior member at any time must participate in the orientation meeting with the membership director or a person designated by the membership director. It will be acceptable to entrust a willing adult full club member to take temporary charge of the junior member while on the club’s facility. The gate lock code and a key fob, to have access to the building, can be supplied on request but must stay in the possession of the parent or guardian accompanying the junior member. Photo ID tags will be issued to the junior members as well as all parents or guardians who may accompany the junior member at any time.

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    Family memberships include up to 2 adult partners and all dependent children under the age of 18 years. Family members 18 years and older must apply separately for an individual adult or student membership. Senior Family applies if both partners are over 64 years of age.

    A student membership is for persons attending school full time locally and make use of the club’s facility year round.

    Out-of-Town student membership is for persons attending school full time out-of-town. They will be allowed access to the facilities from the beginning of May to the end of the Labour Day weekend. Occasional visits to the club at other official school holidays will be included. Key fobs or gate lock codes may be issued to these members on the membership director’s discretion.

    It is not recommended that new members, unfamiliar with the grounds, to meander into the forest by themselves; an adult full member’s accompaniment is strongly advised until becoming fully familiar with the surroundings and trail safety rules. There are some heavily wooded areas and it is possible to easily become disoriented. It is expected that new members participate actively in archery as much as possible and meet as many full members and board members as possible during their probationary period.

    Approval to full membership will be reviewed at the Board meeting held the month following the expiry of the probationary period. Notification will be given by the membership director. Active membership starts at the date of approval. The ID tags must be worn in a visible manner (shirt, hat, quiver etc) whenever on the club’s property. The members are requested to keep the lock combination secret; it shall not be passed on to non-members. Each year a new gate lock combination will be issued to paid-up members prior to the lock being reprogrammed. Building entry key fobs of members not having renewed their membership will be deactivated.

    1. b) Approved Members:

    Members who have been approved by the board will be notified by an email from the membership director.

    1. c) Existing Members:

    Memberships are due on January 1st of every year. Notification requesting payment will be mailed to all present members. A grace period of 45 days will provide ample time to comply with the request for payment. New photo ID cards, (different colour every year) will be issued to members a few days after the receipt of the membership fee. Electronic key fobs of members not having renewed their membership will be de-activated.

    1. d) Lapsed memberships:

    A person not having renewed the membership by the deadline is not considered a member and will not have any privileges at the club. A penalty fee of the amount decided upon by the board of directors in addition to the regular fee may apply unless the executive committee has been made aware of special circumstances. A probationary period does not apply for returning members. Again, special circumstances will be considered. The pro-rated annual membership fee will be calculated based on the time of year the member rejoins.

    1. e) Payment of fees

    The membership fees are annual for a 12 month period starting January 1 ending on the 31st of December.

    Payments for memberships shall be made in the form of an E-Transfer to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Cash, cheque or credit card will not be accepted.

    1. f) Special Circumstances

    The timing for payment of fees or to waive any penalty fees may be negotiated with the board of directors to accommodate a member’s temporary financial difficulty. Absence for lengthy illness, temporary job transfers or other involuntary absences will be given consideration; the board of directors shall be approached prior to any deadlines for an individual ruling.

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    9) Conduct of Members


    Members are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times, demonstrating respect to fellow members, guests and public. Disruptive or disorderly behavior, the use of inappropriate language and disparaging remarks which damage the reputation of the club and/or members in public or through social media are not acceptable and will be subject to disciplinary action.

    There shall be no consumption of alcohol before or during being active in archery. The use of any kinds of non-medical drugs is strictly prohibited.

    Complaints with respect to inappropriate behavior must be directed to the Board in writing. Upon receipt of a written complaint the Board will investigate and determine appropriate action. Disciplinary action of a member will be the sole responsibility of the Board and will be determined based on the severity and frequency of the situation. Discipline may involve verbal or written notice, suspension of membership and revocation of membership.

    10) Guests (are not permitted during the Covid-19 restrictions)


    1. a) Guests are welcome at C.B. but must be accompanied by an adult club member. To support appropriate attention and safety a maximum of 5 guests for every supervising member is required (5:1 ratio). Guests active in archery are required to pay for the use of your clubs facilities. This fee covers damage to targets and use of property. Currently the fee stands at $10.00 per guest per visit. Guests that do not actually shoot do not require to pay the guest fee. Guest fees paid, up to the amount of $ 30.00, are credited towards the initiation fee should a guest decide to apply for membership.
    2. b) EVERY GUEST is required to sign a waiver form for EACH VISIT to YCB regardless if a fee is paid or not. This waiver applies only to that visit. The sponsoring member is responsible for his/her guest’s actions and must write his/her name and sign the waiver form. The signed waiver and applicable guest fees should be deposited in the locked collection box at the club.
    3. c) GUEST VISITORS active in archery are limited to a total of three (3) per calendar year for a 12 month period starting January 1 ending on the 31st of December. The club encourages guests to become full time members.


    11) Volunteer Hours


    Various activity is required throughout the year to maintain the clubhouse, grounds, target ranges and support Club’s activities and events. All members, excluding Seniors, Juniors and Honourary members are encouraged to participate and contribute to the club. Administrative activities count as work hours.

    1. a) A minimum of 10 hours/year of voluntary work is expected for each membership, excluding seniors and students under the age of 18.
    2. b) Notices on the black-board in the club house, e-mail or newsletter notifications for work party schedules will provide the necessary information.
    3. c) Besides the scheduled work parties, it is the members responsibility to maintain a clean environment for all to enjoy. Keeping the place comfortable by cleaning the club house when it needs to be done. Taking out the garbage, sweeping the floor, wiping the sinks and counters, etc. should be everyone’s responsibility.

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    1. d) To encourage full participation at work parties, the indoor and outdoor practice ranges as well as the course will be off limits for archery activities during the designated times. These times shall be posted at the club house during the work party. Some exceptions may apply at the discretion of the directors.


    11) York County Bowmen Objectives

    1. a) To establish, maintain and conduct a club for the promotion of the sport of archery and to promote interest in archery games, recreation and sports.
    2. b) To provide shelter and other conveniences for members of the corporation and others. To equip, furnish and maintain these.
    3. c) To arrange matches and competitions of archery and those sports decreed by membership and to offer or grant and contribute toward prizes, awards and distinctions.
    4. d) To encourage, promote and appreciate the conservation of our natural resources in all their aspects and the development of all natural beauties of the countryside.
    5. e) To generally promote among its members a health giving way of life to the open air. Consistent with the best principles of sportsmanship and the highest standards of Canadian life.


    Revised September 13, 2020