Course Outline


Introduction (10 min):

  • Welcome
  • Coaches: Introduction – NCCP Certification; VSS / Police Reference Check
  • Logs: Attendance

In-class presentation (10 min):

  • Quick overview of modern archery as an Olympic sport since Munich in 1972 (after a 52-year absence)
  • Popular archery divisions/styles: Traditional, Compound, Recurve/Olympic (displayed in the classroom)
  • Anatomy - Training bow and its parts, training arrows
  • Safety procedure: In-class review

In-class demonstration and equipment selection (approx 20 min):

  • Introduction of the 10 Steps Good Archery Form as a general sequence to shooting
  • Identification of eye dominance and hand preference for each student
  • Selection of a training bow (based on weight), correct arrows (based on draw length), arm guard, finger tab
  • Focus: Square (classic) stance for beginners

Practice (approx 100 min):

  • Quick recall of general safety rules
  • Group Warm-Up exercises
  • Demonstration of square (classic), open and closed stances and their own advantages and disadvantages
  • Group practice of a general shot sequence
  • Individual practice at 10 meters under coaches’ supervision. Focus will be put on starting with the recommended stance (square)
  • Blind Shooting
  • Group cool-down: Homework: List 10 Benefits of Archery



Introduction (10 min):

  • Attendance
  • Student Log
  • HW: Benefits of Archery

In-class presentation/demonstration (40 min):

  • Recap and more Detail of Basic of Good Shooting Form
  • Action Shot Sequence: Draw / Anchor/ Aim / Release (follow-through)
  • Focus this week: Bow Hand: Recommended bow hand position
  • How to string the training bow – Supervised
  • Range demonstration: Traditional bows and wood arrows
  • Range demonstration: Olympic Recurve
  • Range demonstration: Compound Bow

Practice (approx 100 min):

  • Group warm-up exercise
  • Blind Bail/Shooting at 10 meters (3-4 ends) then moving out to 15 and 20
  • Particular focus will be put on bow and string hands positioning
  • Students on the shooting line will be supervised by coaches while these waiting for their turn will have a chance to consult and discuss their log with an available coach



 Introduction (10 min):

  • Homework: Movie

In-class presentation/demonstration (20 min):

  • Group brainstorming: Movie - Action Shooting Sequence
    • (student may use the “10 steps to Good Form” list as a guideline).
  • 50/50 balanced extension and proper use of String Shoulder
  • Introduction of Bow Sling


 Practice (approx 120 min):

  • Warm-up exercises
  • Group practice at 20 meters (2 groups). 
  • Particular focus will be on Action Shooting Sequence
  • correct power extension and back use, with string elbow moving back on a horizontal plane
  • Students on the shooting line will be supervised by coaches while these waiting for their turn will have a chance to consult and discuss their Movie with available coach



 Introduction  (15 min):

  • Distribution of student logs
  • Reminder - Field trip next week:  Please bring warm clothing
  • Recap:  Warm-up/cool-down exercises and their importance. Common archer muscle injuries related to improper warming up
  • Specific review:  Correct 50/50 power balance extension, proper use of scapula (i.e., string shoulder motion) and string elbow
  • Arrow Group Analysis

  In-class presentation/demonstration (20 min):

  • Group brainstorming:  What is essential to good shooting form and what do you think would be the most commonly-seen form mistakes on the line? (“mistakes” demonstrated by a coach)
  • Introduction of Sight

 Practice (approx 120 min):

  • Group warm-up exercises
  • Group practice at 20 meters (30 meters if outside and for students who wish to expand distance)
  • Students will be able to discuss their own progress (as noted in their logs) with any of the coaches
  • Group cool-down exercises
  • Reminder - Field trip next week:  Please bring warm clothing




Introduction (15 min):

  • Distribution of student logs
  • Reminder:  Field trip this week, warm clothing will be required
  • Recap: Sequencing a shot:  Set-up, 50/50 balanced extension, release, follow-through
  • Specific review:  Efficient string release, common mistakes and their results (demonstrated by coach)

Practice  (approx 120 min):

  • Equipment selection and bow preparation (stringing)
  • Group warm-up exercises
  • Students separated in small groups. Each group will be headed by a coach/member and taken on the field course.
  • Personal log inquiries, if desired



Introduction   (10 min):

  • Distribution of student logs
  • Recap:  Group brainstorming on general 4 steps in shot sequence:  Set-up/extension/release/follow-through. Use of the 10 steps to Good Form list as a future reference guide

 In-class presentation/demonstration  (15 min):

  • Buying your own equipment:  General guidelines, commonly-seen mistakes
  • Focus this week:  Avoiding “target panic”.
  • Going through the set-up/extension/release/follow-through sequence at the proper speed
  • Mistakes associated with the improper sequence speed:  Form mistakes/ arrow creep
  • Quick overview of tournament rules and scoring protocol

Practice   (approx 120 min):

  • Equipment selection
  • Supervised bow stringing
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Group practice:  Particular focus will be put on proper speed for the complete shot sequence
  • End-of-session tournament:  10 ends of 3 arrows at 20 meters
  • Cool-down exercises
  • Certificates for course completion/logs
  • Complete Equipment Recommendation sheet
  • Archery Equipment Suppliers


Please note: Lesson structure may vary depending upon the development rate of the class.

Objectives: Students will learn a solid foundation for good shooting form, be taught best practices for safe shooting, and be introduced to the various styles and aspects of archery.




Attendance / Housekeeping - Waivers

Welcome / Introduction Coaches

Archery Safety Best Practices

10 Basic Steps to Good Shooting Form

Shooting Sequence

Equipment Selection


HW: Benefits of Archery

Demo Traditional: Rick

Demo Olympic Recurve: Robert

Demo Compound: Thomas

Recap Basic Steps to Good Shooting Form


HW: Movie – Shot Sequence

Action / Shot Sequence - Set Bow Hand, Bow Wrist position, Bow Shoulder on Release

Practice: Movie - Shot Sequence

Practice  – add bow sling


Aiming: Adjusting Sight

Arrow Grouping Analysis

Practice: Sight Adjustment


Outdoor: Field and 3D Shooting Tour (if weather permitting, else move to Session 6)

Practice: Outdoor


Practice and Training Plan

Mark: Competition Rules

Indoor Scoring, Rules/Judging and Preparation for Competition

Recommended Equipment Selection/Suppliers

Download our Archery Basics PDF