Athlete Assistance Program

York County Bowmen – Athlete Assistance Program



To maximize the potential of high performing club members by providing financial assistance towards expenses incurred to compete at recognized international, national and provincial tournaments




Based on an application process, York County Bowmen (YCB) will consider providing financial support to archers to facilitate their competition in international, national and provincial tournaments. Archers are expected to contribute financially to their own development and competition, and therefore, any funding provided by YCB is supplementary to assist in partially offsetting the cost incurred in high level competitive events.


All funding requests in the form of a Letter of Request must be received in writing by the Board.  No special form is required however where possible, supporting documents (such as entry form with fees, hotel confirmation, travel confirmation, etc.) should be included.  In addition, an applicant might wish to attach a summary of past performance results, ranking, letters of support from a coach will assist in supporting an application.


Funding is provided separately for each event.  For example, an archer may receive funding for one event but not for another.  The merits of each application are considered within the context of all other applications and the amount of funding available.  


Funding is allocated annually.  Funding in one year is no guarantee or promise of funding in a subsequent year.  Similarly, funding declined in one year is not indicative of funding opportunities in subsequent years.  Archers should apply well in advance of any tournament (3 months is recommended) for support. 


Funding provided in advance of an event is conditional upon attending the event as outlined in the application.  Failure to attend the event, for any reason, requires full repayment of the amount of funding provided within 15 days of the event, or cancellation if earlier.  


To receive funds, an archer must sign an agreement stating that funds will be used as designated and agree to repay within 15 days any funds that are not used as designated.  



To receive any funding, a person must be a member in good standing of YCB and an athlete who commits significant time to training and competing in their sport.  Full membership (i.e., not probationary) must have existed for at least two years prior to the date of an event.  


Funding will be provided in trust for a junior archer who is under the age of 19, to his/her parents.  


Based on available funds, consideration may be given to the following costs:


  • Cost of entry fee for event
  • Cost of accommodation (hotel, motel, inn, bed and breakfast, dormitory, hostel, resort, etc.) as recommended by the organizing committee of the event.  If accommodation is shared, funding will be based on the cost of accommodation divided by the number of individuals who are sharing.  
  • Cost of travel (car, bus, train, plane).  If travel is shared (i.e., car), funding will be based on the distance multiplied by $.45 per kilometer divided by the number of individuals who are travelling together
  • Meals, excluding alcohol


Funding Factors

Priority for funding will be based on caliber of the event.  Modelled after the Archery Canada ranking criteria, preference is given to the following events, in descending order:


  1. International event (Tier A and B - World Cup, World Championships. USAT events - Arizona cup, Gator Cup, So Cal, Texas Shootout, JOAD Nationals)
  2. National event (Tier C - Canadian Championships, Spring Classic, other events in the Americas)
  3. Provincial event (Tier D - Ontario Championships, Canada Cup, Quebec Open)


Potential to perform well in event will be considered - for example, likelihood of finishing in top 50% of entrants in the archer’s competitive class, based on recent performance.


Existence of a regular and formal relationship with a certified coach that includes a training and competition plan 


All forms of archery will be considered - indoor target, outdoor target, field, indoor 3D, and outdoor 3D. 


Other Sources of Funding

Consideration will be given to all available sources of funding.  Applicants must disclose all funding sources known or anticipated at the time of submitting their application.  Funding from YCB will be reduced by funding from other sources.  For example, if the Ontario Association of Archers or Archery Canada is funding 50% of the archer’s cost for entry, hotel, travel and meals, the remaining 50% is eligible for consideration by YCB.  Failure to disclose a funding source will render the application void and require full repayment of all funding received for an event, within 15 days after that event.


Decision Making

The Athlete Assistance program is a standard budget item. Requests to be approved by the Board. The Board will accept application for support at any time in a calendar year. Applying well in advance is recommended as decisions could take 30-90 days.  Post attendance request will be considered on a case by case situation.