Club Membership

Club Membership

The YCB facilities are available to members and their guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We currently have about 280 members including families and support all archery styles from freestyle compound bows to Olympic recurve to traditional instinctive shooting.  Our new clubhouse has six double lanes indoors and our 50 acres of land contains an outdoor target range, a 70m Olympic target, a 14 station field course and two 3D courses with 20 targets (rubber animals) each.  All this is laid out through picturesque mature hardwood and pine forests.

You can become part of our trusting community, too, practicing & developing your archery skills and enjoying comradery with your fellow members.  All we ask is that members be safe, clean up, follow the rules & regs, help out when able and respect all other archers regardless of their skill level and equipment style.  Our club has enjoyed over 50 years of cooperative operation, run by volunteers for the benefit of current members and future archers in the next 50 years.

Membership at YCB is very simple and affordable. If you think about it the membership works out to be $0.80 a day for an adult membership. What else can you do that offers year round access, good friends, fresh air and exercise for such a low price?

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Annual Fee Schedule

Standard Membership




$500 + $65.00

$330 + $42.90

Family (Both Seniors 65+)

$410 + $53.30

$260 + $33.80

Adult (Ages 18 – 65)

$350 + $45.50

$230 + $29.90

Senior (Age 65+)

$220 + $28.60

$140 + $18.20

Student (Full Time Member)

$200 + $26.00

$130 + $16.90

Student (Part Time Member)

 $90 + $11.70



* Summer only membership. Membership will provide full access to YCB facilities from April 15 to October 31 however no indoor range privileges from November 1 to April 14.

* New members joining during the calendar year will pay the pro-rated annual membership fee for the months remaining in the year.

* New members are required to pay a one-time initiation fee of $50. A key fob is also available for an additional  deposit of $25. An administration fee of $25 will be charged if a past member wants to rejoin the club after allowing their membership to expire. HST must be added to all these charges..


For ALL questions relating to Membership please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Please do not send to multiple e-mails, your inquiry will be answered only from the membership e-mail.