Outdoor Facilities

Our club is located on 50 acres of forested property with an outdoor practice range along with a field and 3D target course in the forest.

Outdoor Practice Range

Our outdoor practice range has Olympic target butts out to 90 meters, a 3D practice range to 80 yards and a collection of target butts from 10 to 80 yards. A number of sunshade structures provide protection for those shooting on the line.

In addition to the practice range, we have a recreational and BBQ area with a fire pit.


Our forest is a lovely mixture of soft and hardwood trees along with other ground vegetation growing on rolling terrain. We have a number of trails that run along the perimeter of our property. We have a number of 3D and field targets placed at various locations to provide challenging shots for archers of all abilities All the trails are open in the spring to fall with a winter loop available for those that enjoy a winter showcase while shooting.

Many members hike the trails year round just to enjoy a trek into the forest.

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