Safety Ping Option

Jan 15, 2022 | Safety

As more members use the outdoor facilities, especially the forest loops to shoot or hike, we would like to provide a text check-in/out safety ping service.

You would simply text your name to 416 712-7080 along with the text “Arrived” when entering the forest and “Leaving” when you’re safely leaving the parking lot to head home. If your second text does not arrive after 2.5 hours from the first, we will attempt to call you. If that call goes unanswered, we will start walking the loop to look for you.

Some members have a similar routine with family members. Regardless, if they haven’t heard from you, please have them call me directly (Jim 416 712-7080) to take that walk.

This is a completely voluntary program. However, there are a growing number of individuals requesting this service for peace of mind.

Please keep in mind that you still have to tap your key FOB entering and exiting the property, so we can maintain our COVID contact tracking.

Archer aiming at target in forest