Turkey Bowhunting Success – Opening Day April 25, 2023

May 1, 2023 | Hunters

I got up at 4:45 am in the morning of the first day of the Ontario turkey hunting season. It was 4 Celsius. I entered my “pop up” blind just before 6 am. I setup 2 decoys. I made a few turkey calls every 30 minutes but got no response. I sat in my turkey blind until 8 am when I saw my first turkey.

 I saw 2 hens to my right. I was watching them when I heard some movement from my left side. I saw  3 male turkeys strutting around my decoys. One was puffed up and pecking at my Jake decoy.
I knew I had to startup my video camera before taking a shot. The turkeys were so close I needed to move very slowly to prevent scaring them.
I got the video camera recording and then drew back the bow. I waited until the closest turkey focused his attention on the decoy at 9 yards. I aimed the top sight pin on my 55 lbs.  Bowtech compound bow…… just below his neck. The turkey was facing me.
When the Carbon Express Maxima arrow with the G5 Montec fixed blade broadhead hit the turkey, feathers flew up and the turkey jumped 10 feet in the air. Upon hitting the ground, he ran another 20-30 yards before expiring.
When I retrieved him, I realized my arrow had completely passed through the turkey.  It was a Jake ( young male) based on his uneven tail fan and very short beard.
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