Vacant VP Position

Oct 10, 2022 | News

Effective the 1st of October, we will have a vacancy of the  Vice-President role at York County Bowmen. As such YCB is looking for an interim Vice-President. Responsibilities of the Vice-President include:

  1. In the absence of the President, assume all his/her duties.
  2. Together with the President, Secretary and Treasurer, commit to contracts on behalf of YCB.
  3. Support the various directors and officers of the board when requested.
  4. Act as the liaison between all external provincial and federal organizations and the club.
  5. Schedule work parties for proposed activities for that calendar year.
  6. Lead work and coordinate parties and operations pertaining to your directorship.
  7. Provide a budget which includes operational and project expenses for your area.

If you are an active member with at least 5 years of experience at YCB and would like to volunteer for the position, please contact: