“3D Tournaments and Bowhunting Success”

Mar 15, 2022 | Hunters

As hunters, we all dream about making the “perfect shot with an arrow” on a deer, moose or elk. The question to ask is, “what are we doing to make that perfect shot a reality ? ”

Practicing on the foam animals on the 3D course at York County Bowmen is great first step. However, there is actually one thing missing. “The adrenalin, the stress, and pressure to make that one shot- one arrow, really count. “

Did you know that some of the most successful bowhunters today have a 3D tournament archery background? They have learned over time to control their nerves, aim carefully and make every shot count.

With summer here, maybe it is time to leave your comfort zone and enter a 3D tournament at York County Bowmen or another club.

Trust me, gaining 3D tournament experience will be a big step in the right direction to help you control your nerves when a shot opportunity presents itself during the bow hunting season. You may eventually win an award or trophy for your effort.

Tom M.